According to The CoStar Group, The Zylberglait Group has sold more office buildings than any other broker over the last 10 years throughout Miami Dade County.


Alex Zylberglait and his team have consistently delivered positive results through his diligence and superior level of expertise.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the local market
  • Specialized transaction expertise
  • Cutting-edge communication and marketing tools
  • Access to the largest pool of investors worldwide
  • Commitment to client service


Clients receive detailed analysis to support buy, hold and sell decisions and formulate real estate investment plans.  Alex Zylbeglait and his team’s real-time market knowledge are combined with leading research as the basis of his his team’s advisory services.


Clients utilize our advisory and consulting services to formulate buy-sell decisions, analyze markets, shape long-term portfolio strategies, evaluate development or redevelopment options and optimize returns during the holding period of properties.


Through a thorough understanding of investors’ objectives and current assets, we are enabled to help clients develop the right property-level and portfolio strategy to maximize the value of each investment.  We work with families to understand their multigenerational needs.


With our inventory of properties across all types at regional and national levels, we can help you identify the most strategic investments based on the current market environment and on your objectives.


We take a position on price when the seller’s property is listed for sale.  We believe that the listed price is attainable and that the property should sell at that price because we take steps to optimally and aggressively position listed properties in the marketplace.


We view each transaction as a stepping stone toward a long-standing relationship. We are dedicated to being the best lifetime source of information and expertise to our clients.



You are assured that each refinancing, acquisition or development financing receives the ideal rate and terms available in the marketplace.  We optimize your loan package, structure and terms based on your specific objectives. Leveraging our industry relationships yields superior results.  Our relationships with lenders are strengthened by our high volume of business.  This track record provides us with unmatched access to timely and customized capital solutions.


Our services are tailored to assist financial institutions and government agencies proactively evaluate assets prior to entering the special assets continuum and to help manage and dispose of those that have already become distressed. Our deep understanding of loss mitigation options allows us to collaboratively explore creative alternatives as well.